What We Do

Archzone Consulting specializes in providing services in building design, interior design, project management and building design surveys.


Residential Developments

We support in developing safer and habitable residential properties for our clients. Safety is our priority

Commercial Developments

We help develop reliable commercial properties using modern technologies. We take safety & security seriously

educational developments, Archzone Consultants Lts

Educational Developments

We care about the environment of learners & stakeholders, which is why we use cutting edge designs in developments

Dilapidation Reports

We carry out a comprehensive inspection & document a clear report on the condition of the neighboring properties of a dwelling


Interior Design

We plan and supervise the design and execution of architectural interiors and their furnishings to create a pleasing environment


Feasibility Studies

We help assess the practicality & viability of your project, stating the strengths & weaknesses so you make right decisions

Archzone Consultants Ltd

Hotel Developments

We deliver the best fit to our diverse clientele. Whether you are doing a single or multiple structures, we got you covered.

Archzone Consultants Ltd

Health Developments

We take into consideration a wholesome recovery and healing as we do the job. Trust us to deliver amazing results for your projects

Archzone Consultants Lts

Project Management

We strive to achieve your project goals within the stipulated timeline & the allocated budget while ensuring quality results. 

Archzone Consulting Ltd

Design Reviews

Our team conducts a thorough evaluation of your project designs to ensure that it delivers your desired end results, just as you had purposed to attain it.

Archzone Consultants Ltd

Recreational Developments

We undertake to modify the existing environment to accommodate recreation in your facilities.